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Workforce Development

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The Workforce Development Department at WCC offers valuable resources that focus on the business community and workforce training solutions.

If you’re looking to advance the skills of your company, your department or just yourself, WCC is your resource.

Solutions for Businesses

WCC provides:

  • Customized training and organization development solutions designed to serve the specific needs of your business and industry.
  • Classes to help your employees develop new skills or to stay abreast of technology and trends central to your bottom line.
  • Online classes which offer the same high quality experiences of in-person classes but with the added convenience of working from your home or office
  • Our Workforce Certification Center designed to help your team obtain over 300 certifications in numerous industries which will help take your company and your employees to the next level.

Whether you are looking for consulting services, training workshops and classes, or custom staff development solutions, WCC can help.

Solutions for Working Professionals

WCC provides:

  • Classes (both online and in-person) and certificates in a variety of areas and industries that will advance your career and provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Our WCC Workforce Certification Center which helps working professionals obtain specialized certifications in numerous industries taking your career to the next level.

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs so that you may continue to grow and advance in your current career or explore new skills and other industries and professions.

Nonprofit Agency Scholarship

Permanent employees of nonprofits in Washtenaw County are eligible for tuition reimbursement for noncredit classes applicable to their position through the Washtenaw Community College Nonprofit Agency Scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship, follow these steps:

  • Complete and submit an application each semester for each class you attend.
  • Gain signed approval from your supervisor.
  • Submit completed and signed application along with a copy of the agency’s 501(c)3 documentation no later than 10 business days prior to the start of the class.

Please note that you must attend all class sessions and complete all class requirements to receive reimbursement. If the class is not successfully completed, you (or your agency) may be billed for the full tuition amount of the class and/or have your scholarship discontinued.

For more information, please contact Eric Penrose at epenrose@wccnet.edu or 734-677-5027.

Solutions for Job Seekers

WCC provides:

  • Classes (both online and in-person) that will build foundational skills and prepare you for the industry or area of your interest.
  • A specialized certificate program offering job seekers the opportunity to explore and prepare for the IT industry.
  • A Workforce Certification Center designed to assist you with obtaining specific certifications you may need to obtain to get you started on the journey to find your dream job.

WCC takes pride in helping job seekers develop the skills and resources they need to start their careers and continue to learn and grow.

For more information about the classes, please contact us today at 734-677-5060 or workforce-development@wccnet.edu

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