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Tuition Savings Calculator 2019-2020 (Per Semester)

Stay and Save

Let's face it, WCC's tuition is less expensive than other colleges and universities. That means you can get a jumpstart on your education while saving thousands of dollars. In fact, the average savings is more than $25,000 when you start at WCC and complete your associate degree before you transfer. Want more?

WCC also offers:

  • Credits that easily transfer to most 4-year schools.
  • Classes that fit into your schedule: day, night and online.
  • Over 130 programs to choose from.
  • Small class sizes with instructors that are industry experts.

Just how much can you save by attending WCC? Calculate your savings below!

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WCC tuition: $1,425

College Cost Savings Per Semester Savings for Complete Associate Degree*
Adrian College $18,056 $16,631 $66,524
Baker College $6,075 $4,650 $18,600
Central Michigan University $6,255 $4,830 $19,320
Davenport University $11,505 $10,080 $40,320
Eastern Michigan University $6,570 $5,145 $20,580
Ferris State University $6,465 $5,040 $20,160
Grand Valley State University $6,431 $5,006 $20,024
Lake Superior State University $6,000 $4,575 $18,300
Madonna University $11,550 $10,125 $40,500
Michigan State University $7,230 $5,805 $23,220
Michigan Technological University $7,830 $6,405 $25,620
Northern Michigan University $5,592 $4,167 $16,668
Oakland University $6,735 $5,310 $21,240
Saginaw Valley State University $5,190 $3,765 $15,060
University of Detroit Mercy $14,420 $12,995 $51,980
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor $7,615 $6,190 $24,760
University of Michigan, Dearborn $6,052 $4,627 $18,508
University of Michigan, Flint $5,773 $4,348 $17,392
Wayne State University $5,955 $4,530 $18,120
Western Michigan University $6,047 $4,622 $18,488

If you would like to discuss your transfer options with an advisor, please visit the Advising/Counseling Office located on the second floor of the Student Center or call 734-677-5102 or use our Online Advising Form.

*Savings calculation based upon 60 credit hours (approximately 20 classes)

  1. WCC tuition rate is based on in-district rates.
  2. Cost based on tuition rates published on university/college website. Some of the tuition costs may include additional fees.
  3. Some institutions offer a flat rate for full-time tuition (12 to 18 credits depending on institution).
  4. University of Michigan Ann Arbor was calculated on the College of Literature, Science and Arts as their tuition is designated by individual schools/colleges within the university.
  5. Western Michigan University was calculated on the Haworth College of Business.

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