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Transferring Credits to WCC

If you want to transfer college credits from another educational institution to WCC, please see Transfer Credit and Credit for Other Prior Learning.

Transferring Credits from WCC

  • Transferring to a Michigan College?

    Students transferring to another Michigan College or University should consider taking advantage of one of two agreements developed through a collaborative effort by colleges in the State of Michigan.

  • Which agreement is for me?

    Students who enroll in college for the first time fall 2014 or later must use the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

    Students who enrolled in any college prior to fall 2014 may select either the MACRAO Transfer Agreement or the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

  • What are the differences?

    Besides the requirement for use based on a student's first enrollment in college, the agreements are very similar. Both agreements require a minimum of 30 credit hours. Both agreements require a minimum GPA and a specified distribution of courses.

    The differences involve how the GPA is calculated, how many credits must be completed in residence for the agreement to be met and the distribution of courses is different.

  • Are there any time limits?

    The MACRAO agreement is being phased out and replaced by the MTA. Students may continue to complete the MACRAO agreement requirements and get MACRAO posted to their transcript through summer 2019. Colleges that currently accept MACRAO will continue to accept and apply it toward the student's general education requirements. Please contact the college to which you plan to transfer about provisos and deadlines.

  • Wait, are you saying I have to start over and do MTA if I'm currently working on MACRAO?

    No, as long as you can finish all the MACRAO requirements by summer 2019, you can still continue to follow MACRAO. Each college and university will make their own determination on how they will continue to honor MACRAO. We have been told that they will continue to honor the agreement past the summer 2019 cut-off.

  • I'm almost finished with the MTA requirements, when can I get MTA posted to my transcript?

    Since MTA is starting effective fall 2014, the first time it can be posted to a student's transcript is at the end of fall semester (December 2014).

  • How do I request MTA?

    Follow the procedures on the Transcript Information page.

Other Transfer Resource Information

View Transcript Information to learn about ordering an official transcript from WCC as well as how to view and print an unofficial transcript.

See the Transfer Guides to find out which groups of WCC classes will transfer to various four-year institution programs or are part of specific programs or majors.

See the Articulation Agreements in various programs with many four-year institutions. These agreements are similar to Transfer Guides but include full WCC certificate or degree programs and not just WCC coursework.

See the Course-for-Course Equivalencies to find out which WCC classes will transfer to various four-year institutions.

If you would like to discuss your transfer options with a counselor, please use our Online Advising Form, or visit Counseling, located in the Student Center Building on the second floor, or call 734-677-5102.

EMU Transfer Office: To help you transfer to Eastern Michigan University after completing your WCC courses, the EMU Transfer Office has the information you will need for a smooth transition. Call 734-677-5368 or 800-GOTOEMU.

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