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Combine the Best of Online and In-Person Classes

Do you like the convenience of online classes, but also want the give and take of face-to-face discussions with your instructor and fellow students? Then blended classes are for you.

You complete most of your class work, such as watching video lectures and submitting assignments, online. But you also come to campus—usually just one day per week—to talk about what you’re learning with your instructor and classmates.

Blended classes are flexible because you do most of your learning wherever and whenever it’s best for you. You can do the online portion of your class work anywhere there’s a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

WCC commonly offers blended classes in areas such as business management, communication, dental assisting, English, math, and psychology, among others.

Check the credit class schedule for a list of available blended classes. If you’d prefer to see the entire credit class schedule, you can find blended classes by looking in the Section column for MM.

Anxious About Online?

We understand that taking tests and doing your schoolwork online might seem a little scary, but our Blackboard help desk provides great support and we offer on-campus training sessions.

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What Students Say About Blended Classes

“I really enjoyed my blended course here at Washtenaw. The postings were easy to understand…. If I could, I would take all of my classes like this.”

—Lisa H., 39

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